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Sever's Disease

What is sever's disease?

Sever’s Disease is an inflammatory condition that occurs at the growth plate of the heel bone in children.

How do you get sever's disease?

The condition generally occurs in active children at early adolescence during rapid growth periods as the heel bone can grow faster than the leg muscles causing them to become tight and overstretched. Sever’s disease most often caused by inadequate footwear, playing sport on hard surfaces, calf tightness and biomechanical problems.

Sever's disease treatment

It is important that those with Sever’s Disease are treated by a medical professional to reduce pain and allow children to continue to participate in sporting activities. The Athlete’s Foot recommends a visit to your local medical professional to be diagnosed correctly and receive specialised care. Symptoms include pain through the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon inserts into the heel bone, pain during activity especially running and jumping and the back of the heel may be tender to touch.